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Simply the best

Rather than us telling you how good we are we thought we would leave it to exhibitors to tell you through the comments left on our Facebook page. It reaches over 9,000 people of which almost 4,000 have interacted with the page since it was established.

Real comments from real exhibitors – you can check them out on the page.   

  • Love this show great committee and great atmosphere

  • Love this show and usually steward, this year I was lucky to judge Golden Retriever Bitches and it’s good to see a Society still giving Golden Retrievers 2 judges

  • Thank you for giving Lagotti classes again and for inviting an experienced judge of Italian breeds

  •  I have always loved Southern Counties, well laid out show, good car park, great atmosphere and the committee are not stuck in the dark ages. Just keep doing what you’re doing SCCA

  • Love this show and its showground is always tip-top, easy to get to from the Midlands as well.

  •  Just love the consideration that SCCA has for exhibitors! Love the show and set up. Thanks

  • Really enjoyed your show layout this year and so good that you listen to the exhibitors requests. Well done

  • Brilliant

  • We always support your fabulous show and have done so for the past 3 years (that's as long as I've been showing!). Even before I had my dog we really enjoyed being spectators there too. It’s a very well organised, friendly show with a great atmosphere. Thank you!

  • SCCA is one of my favourite shows. I particularly like the way you encourage and help people new to stewarding ... it’s through your society that I started doing it. I also like the lovely way members are looked after with better parking and use of the member area ... great value for a very reasonable membership cost.

  • St Bernard’s had a bigger entry this year than others with CCs on offer. Well done Southern Counties.

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