Information for Exhibitors

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The Newbury Showground, Priors Court, Hermitage, Thatcham RG18 9QZ is at the junction of the M4 and the A34 about two miles north of Newbury.


From the east or west, you come off the M4 at Junction 13 and take the A34 north, signposted to the Newbury Showground and Oxford. The slip road for the showground is immediately off the junction as you move onto the A34 north. From the south, you go underneath the motorway at Junction 13 and leave the A34 by the slip road as above.


From the North you have to go down to Junction 13, passing the showground on your left, come right around the roundabout underneath the junction, and take the slip road as above. However, traffic management measures will be put in place if the junction is very congested so follow the signs from the A34 if they have been activated


Please display your car park pass. You will be charged £10 at the gate if it is not shown and we will be unable to ake any refunds.


Our parking/security team will direct you as close to the showground entrances as possible. You will NOT be required to show passes when you come onto the showground but they will be carefully checked as you leave. We are using the same system which has been successfully in place at Stafford Showground for several years.


These details will be updated shortly

Exhibitors will be receiving detailed information about 10 days before the show which includes the layout and the approximate timing of breeds. It is vitally important that they read all of this information before they arrive so there is no hold-up at the main gate. Breeds first in the ring are asked to arrive in plenty of time.

The full entry details will be available on the Fosse Data website when finalised.



1) Insurance: We have had several enquiries about insurance and hope that this paragraph clears up any confusion. Southern Counties has carried out a full hazard, health, and safety risk assessment as it is required to do by its insurers and will follow the guidance which is embedded within it. Southern Counties is fully insured for their Third Party Liability: this means that they are covered if they are at fault by omission or commission. If there is a concealed pothole in the ring, the show management should have had it filled but if an exhibitor trips on rough ground or slips on wet grass this is not the fault of the show -  it is a normal risk for walking or running on grass that is uneven or wet when showing dogs and, knowing that, the exhibitor decides whether or no to take that risk.

2) Show layout: All exhibitors will receive full details of the show via email several days beforehand and those who have made hard copy entries will get them by post.  Those details will include their ring number/s, show layout, caravan passes, exit passes, catalogue vouchers if ordered, and the proposed timing for their breeds. There will be no restriction on entry to the show but passes will be checked at the exit.


3) General arrangements: Your committee is still working on the final details. Please keep an eye on announcements in Our Dogs , on our website ( and our Southern Counties Facebook page


4) Electrical Hook-Ups: please book through this website - the link is on the home page in the bottom right hand corner. If the application form will not open it means that all places have been booked - email davidcavill@btconnect to reserve a place if there are any cancellations.



Click for Plan of Showground

Click for Ring plan just before the show



The Committee of the Association hopes that you have an enjoyable day and would be pleased to receive any comments about the show that will help us improve it in future years.