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The Newbury Showground, Priors Court, Hermitage, Thatcham RG18 9QZ is at the junction of the M4 and the A34 about two miles north of Newbury.


From the east or west you come off the M4 at Junction 13 and take the A34 north, signposted to the Newbury Showground and Oxford. The slip road for the showground is immediately off the junction as you move onto the A34 north. From the south you go underneath the motorway at Junction 13 and leave the A34 by the slip road as above.


From the North you have to go down to Junction 13, passing the showground on your left, come right around the roundabout underneath the junction and take the slip road as above. However, traffic management measures will be put in place if the junction is very congested so follow the signs from the A34 if they have been activate


Please display your car park pass.


Our parking/security team will direct you as close to the showground entrances as possible. You will NOT be required to show passes when you come onto the showground but they will be carefully checked as you leave. We are using the same system which has been successfully in place at Stafford Showground for several years.


The committee recognised that they were taking a risk but felt they should delay no longer - and exhibitors have shared that risk to the extent that the show is 300 dogs up on the entry in 2019. Although there is the possibility of the current restrictions remaining in force, there seems no reason for the show not to go ahead.

It will be a very different show as it will not be benched or tented, although there will be shelter for judges and stewards as we see at outdoor shows in Europe. For those exhibitors who need them, an immense area has been allocated for small tents, gazebos and fishing type umbrellas close to rings (they must not extend beyond 3m x 3m and clear ‘walkways’ must be left around all tents) and The Barn, which some exhibitors will know from the Reading Show held there in the last few years, will be used for some rings, Best in Show, administration, stewards, members area and restaurant.


The Newbury permanent toilets (and showers) will not be available this year. We will be using modern, stand alone ‘Tardis’ units which will be constantly cleaned throughout the show.


As the whole show is in the open, there will be not be a requirement for masks unless government regulations change, but there will be Test and Trace QR codes posted at the entrance for those with the NHS app on their phone to log in.


We ask that all exhibitors to collect a free rapid lateral flow test from a local pharmacy (or you can order them on line from - they send seven tests) and administer it the day before they travel to the show. You should not come to the show if you have any Covid19 symptoms.


Entry will be via the Red Car Park Gate - the first gate of the showground you come to from the M4 - which will comprise the main car park. Judge, officials, stewards, members and blue badge holders will be parked to the south of the entrance to the show and exhibitors and any spectator vehicles to the north of the gate. Caravans will be sent through into the caravan area which is being administered by our wardens, Hayley Skippings and Malcolm Gough.

Exhibitors will be receiving detailed information about 10 days before the show which include the layout and the approximate timing of breeds. It is vitally important that they read all of this information before they arrive so there is no hold-up at the main gate. Breeds first in the ring are asked to arrive in plenty of time.

There is no need to telephone or contact the Secretary about changes of judge. She is in contact with all overseas judges on a regular basis and any changes will be posted on the Southern Counties Facebook page as soon as they are known.

The full entry is available on the Fosse Data website.



1) Insurance: We have had several enquiries about insurance and hope that this paragraph clears up any confusion. Southern Counties has carried out a full hazard, heath and safety risk assessment as it is required to do by its insurers and will follow the guidance which is embedded within it. Southern Counties is fully insured for their Third Party Liability: this means that they are covered if they are at fault by omission or commission. If there is a concealed pothole in the ring, the show management should have had it filled but if an exhibitor trips on rough ground or slips on wet grass this is not the fault of the show -  it is a normal risk for walking or running on grass that is uneven or wet when showing dogs and, knowing that, the exhibitor decides whether or no to take that risk.


2) Covid: Covid is like the flu or a cold. Coming to the show is at your own risk from any infection. Southern Counties will be following all the government guidelines during the show so will take any recommended precautions. Southern Counties only becomes liable if those precautions are not in place.


3) Gazebos: Similarly the responsibility for the safety of gazebos is down to the owner/user. Southern Counties' responsibility is to provide designated areas for gazebos  which will be clearly marked and set a maximum safe size (3m x 3m). If using a gazebo, exhibitors should check that their household insurance extends through its third party liability to their 'leisure activities'.


4) Extra Crufts Qualifying Classes: The Kennel Club has announced that they have designated Novice and Graduate classes as Crufts qualifying classes. This is a perfectly acceptable idea for shows which have not yet published their schedules. But the KC have indicated that shows which have already begun receiving entries could change their classification too. This may sound easy but is simply not feasible for a show of any size. Having discussed the possibility with our show printers it is absolutely clear that financial and administrative costs for them, the show and exhibitors who have already entered the show would be immense: it would include sending back all entries already made and asking exhibitors to re-enter with the new classification.


5) Spectators: Unless the government guidelines change there are no restriction on spectators. The rumours that spectators are not allowed are groundless - all are welcome.  We are not advertising the show to the general public, partly because of our Covid safety measures but more importantly for the safety of the dogs during this time of dog theft (and for this reason it is also very important that you remember to bring your exit passes for your dogs). However if members of the public do turn up they will not be turned away.


6) Show layout: All exhibitors will receive full details of the show via email several days before hand and those who have made hard copy entries will get them by post.  Those details will include their ring number/s, show layout, caravan passes, exit passes, catalogue vouchers if ordered and the proposed timing for their breeds. There will be no restriction on entry to the show but passes will be be checked on exit.


7) General arrangements: Your committee is still working on the final details. Please keep an eye on announcements in Our Dogs , on our web site ( and our Southern Counties Facebook page


8) Electrical Hook Ups: No more EHUs are available



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The Committee of the Association hope that you have an enjoyable day and would be pleased to receive any comments about the show that will help us improve it in future years.